Online Counselling Services & Sessions via Skype                                          (01-2147613)

The Telephone or Online counselling services via Skype is confidential and secure providing professional counselling and support online. Phone sessions are conducted using mobile, landline or Skype. Video call sessions are conducted using Skype. Online counselling services have the following advantages :

  • Greater convenience and flexibility with appointments.
  • Time efficiency – you do not have to spend time travelling to and from appointments.
  • Easier access to service from inconvenient locations and for those unable to leave home or travel.
  • If you relocate or travel with work your weekly session is still possible without inconvenience.

Online Counselling sessions are not suitable in the following cases:

  • If you are in a crisis situation or extreme distress.
  • If you are suicidal or your personal safety is threatened
  • If you have being diagnosed a mental illness.

In cases where online counselling sessions are not suitable you should contact your G.P. or your A&E Department or click here for a list of emergency numbers.

How counselling via Skype Works:

You will need to download Skype which is free.
If you require an online counselling session via video you will need a webcam.

Prior to starting sessions via Skype or telephone a Client Questionnaire Form (click here) and a Client Agreement Form (click here) must be read, signed and returned by post. 

It is important that you have privacy and are free from interruptions when either telephoning or using Skype.

All other mobile phones/landlines should be switched off or turned onto silent.

It is also important as a matter of mutual respect and to get the most out of your session that you keep your appointments and are on time.

Payments can be made by cheque, cash and PayPal. We will issue you with an invoice via PayPal which can be paid securely by credit card.


Contact Anne-Marie Hearne now to make an appointment by emailing or calling 01-2147613